Monday, October 5, 2009

Transition of Hip Hop

What up young souls... (I hear Pop's voice - Common's albums)

1st off, I must mention, this is my first blog on here so cheers, salud, and compai to that! I wanted to touch on what's very dear to me, MUSIC, and the state of HIP HOP!

Now... Everyone has their opinions, based off taste and their idea/criteria of talent. I also know there's a GANG of blogs, etc. based off the subject alone. This is a bit of a different journey though. This is based off what I know: see, feel/touch, hear, smell, and taste. 5 sense me if you will...

The HISTORY of Hip Hop is so important... You gotta learn the ROOTS, and where it came from, how, who, all that! Get your Columbo on! It will all make sense, and you will apprecite the art so much more! These young lame-lames are in a world of "Here & Now", where the lyrical content, and creativity is on some straight BULL SHIT! On some super lame "Get The Fuck outta here" shit! Now, some raised right are on point. The others... ZOMBIES! I suggest researching, renting a few classic ficks like Wild Style, BeatStreet, Krush Groove, The SHOW, Rhyme & Reason, all kinds of documentries, Etc... U need to be in touch, and learn all the elements of HIP HOP: RAP, D.J., Graffiti, Breaking, Beat Boxing. Now I grew up on HOP, so it's in my blood. That's why I get so disgusted on today's bullshit!

Presently - There's a gang of new cats that are beyond talented, but @ the same time, where's the originality aspect? There are a few dope ass new mc's, that I'm HIGHLY impressed by, but those guys, KNOW what's up, and got that rawness! Yet, the fucked up thing about the industry, they want some fun-boy facade! Now, there's nothin' wrong with change! CHANGE IS HEALTHY, but completely altering, or taking away the dynamics & originality is a problem... No AUTHENTICNESS, and that's what the industry is lacking today. For instance... Check MTV's list they just posted (YUUUUUK) Ughhh, I jus threw-up a bit off that one! There's a prime example... "Hmmm... let me guess who paid & put up the bread, or cock rode for a bit"! Straight RI-DIC-U-LO!!!!!

Future - Hopefully things will change for the better... Technology is beyond dope! Artists are reaching new heights because of it - networking online, blog/mag features, downloading & uploading, recording, etc. It can be a BEAUTIFUL thing!! I just expect a LOT more than where we are now! HIP HOP rules everything, commercials, kids games, cartoons, shows, etc. mimic it! Personally though, I feel there's a MAJOR lack of respect. that's where the problem lies, especially with these un-wisdomed 1's disrespecting MC's & legends in the game?? They're parents didn't whoop that ass enough!

Think on that for a lil bit...


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